So you want to start a fiction podcast?

Here’s some general advice for you!

Write for sound.

Finish your scripts before you cast anyone.

If you’ve got a release schedule, have a backlog.

Listen to actors.

When you’ve cast people, tell them about the show.

Credit your cast in more than just the episode audio.

You should have a website.

You should have transcripts.

You should have a RSS feed.

If you have the money, pay the people helping you make your show.

If you can’t pay people, know they’re doing you a favor.

Not everyone who joins your project is there to be your friend.

Put effort into the things you make.

Have a legible script.

Record both sides of audio locally.

Get actors’ permission before pitching their voice.

Audio Drama doesn’t work like theater.



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Tal Minear

Tal (they/them) is fiction podcast producer who cannot be stopped from making things and will occasionally write about audio fiction.