Let’s Talk About Podcast Press Kits

Tal Minear
3 min readAug 19, 2022


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Q: What is a press kit?

A: It’s a document (and/or page on your website) that contains all the important info about your show.

Q: Why?

A: It makes it easy for people not familiar with your podcast to learn about it without having to do a lot of searching.

You’d be surprised at how hard it can be, when researching a podcast, to find such facts as: what genre the show is, is it scripted, who does the sound design, how long are episodes, what is the target audience, what episode to start at, where transcripts can be found… I’ve had to scour a show’s website, show notes, and social media before to collect all the information I needed to write about it.

As the curator of a newsletter, I spend a lot of time looking at podcast press kits while deciding if I want to feature the show. As a casting director, I spend a lot of time looking at press kits for cast information. As a showrunner, I spend a lot of time looking at press kits to see who is behind a show and where I can follow them. Usually, I don’t know much about a podcast when I’m pulling up their press kit. And as such:

Assume the reader of your press kit is coming in with no prior knowledge of the show. Maybe they’re a newsletter curator deciding if they should rec your show. Perhaps they’re a critic wondering if your show should go on a list. Maybe they’re a potential listener! Don’t be scared to include seemingly obvious facts about your show. The easier you make it for people to find info about your podcast, the more likely they are to share and recommend it. You should have one, no matter how small your are! Don’t make people email you for it. Having a link that says “press” or “press kit” on the menu of your website would be ideal.

“But I have an about page!” you say. (It is good to have an about page as well, don’t get me wrong). But does that page have literally everything about your show, such as a short and long description, cover art, selected reviews, links to awards and press coverage, stats and download info, contact info, and so on and so forth?

It’s okay if you answered no. Most people aren’t coming to your about page for all that info. BUT — people who want to write about your podcast sure are. They need to get their facts right. Hence: press kit.

If your press kit can be copied and pasted from it will make some people (me) very happy. I’ll occasionally pull info directly from the press kit when recommending a show.

Q: What do I include?

A: All the facts about your podcast. I’ll list a bunch below.

Show name & tagline.

Short description, long description.

Episode count, episode length. Do you have seasons?

Where should a first-time listener start?

Genre & target audience.

The show rating.

Important content warnings.

Is it scripted? Is it fiction?

Links to social media accounts.

Link to website.

Contact email.

Downloadable cover art.

Promotional images.

Where it can be listened to.

Is it independent? Who is producing it?

List the cast & crew — ideally, link their websites.

Don’t forget to list yourself and your roles too!

When did it launch?

Include significant audience info & stats, like download milestones.

Link any press coverage. Mention any awards.

Include a review or two!

Do you have transcripts?

If there is anything significant about your show, mention it! Does it focus on a specific type of representation? Perhaps it was made in 24 hours? If something sets you apart from other podcasts, mention it.

And there you have it! Organize the info in whatever way makes the most sense to you. Want a more in-depth explanation of the reasons you need a press kit and what you should include? Check out this article by Elena Fernández Collins and Wil Williams. Want an example of a press kit? Here’s one I made for Sidequesting.



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