Free Tools I’ve Used to Make my Audio Drama

I produce Sidequesting by myself on a shoestring budget, so I’m always on the lookout for free software/websites that will help me make and promote my show! Here’s some of what I’ve used.

  1. Google Docs. You’ve probably heard of this one. I use it to write my scripts! It’s free (up to 15 GB, I think), and I like having an online backup of everything I write. When it comes time to send the script to actors, I just give them the google doc link. Actors can easily make a copy of the script to modify to their liking (changing font size, adding highlights, etc). In fact, across the board I’ve heard from VAs that they prefer to receive scripts in google doc form and not pdfs.

Bonus Round!

  1. Other Articles: There’s so much info out there on how to make things. I love Wil Williams’ and Elena Fernández-Collins’ websites and newsletters. also has a bunch of resources.

If I’ve missed something, feel free to suggest it in the comments!



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Tal Minear

Tal (they/them) is fiction podcast producer who cannot be stopped from making things and will occasionally write about audio fiction.