• Stephanie Elie

    Stephanie Elie

  • Jude August

    Jude August

    Boston-based publishing student learning about the world through children’s literature.

  • Brennan Tapp

    Brennan Tapp

  • Rip Parker

    Rip Parker

    Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics

  • Andrea Ipaktchi

    Andrea Ipaktchi

  • Adam Spencer

    Adam Spencer

    Host of the podcast @WelcometoDayOne — The podcast for regional startups. https://welcometodayone.com/trailer

  • Becca Marcus

    Becca Marcus

    Becca is a disabled, chronically ill voice actor and newbie gamer who writes about accessibility and is stumbling her way through games released years ago.

  • Kay Bellz

    Kay Bellz

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