Podfest is an online (and sometimes in person) expo about all things podcasting. I can’t speak for their in person event, but they push for their online one to be as big as possible. Guinness World Record “largest online podcasting conference” level big. …

If you make scripted fiction podcasts, you’ve got a script, which means it’s almost no work at all to create and posts transcripts. This article will break down why you should have transcripts, how to make them, and where to post them.

I will often tell people to write casting calls with intention, which I realize is a rather opaque phrase. What does casting with intention mean? In this article I’ll dive into an quick example and talk about and around it because it’s been on my mind.

Let’s say you have…

Tal Minear

Tal is a SoCal based podcaster who cannot be stopped from making things and will occasionally write about audio fiction.

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